Calcutta Rotameter And Equipment


Calcutta Rotameter And Equipment in short “CRE” is an Indian owned company with a domestic and international reputation for innovative manufacturing of natural latex, Synthetic latex products and different breathing circuits for Anaesthesia.

Established in the year 2003 CRE is a young Indian company in the manufacturing field with innovative ideas and competitive workforce. Due to its success in making top quality product CRE is now catering Europe along with India. A well designed system and professional staff with a constant validated R&D in which we spend more than 20000USD per year , we serve our clients to their satisfaction. The passion for innovation, professionalism, and quality is driving us with a quantifiable name both globally and within the region. We always bring product which is competent and also affordable in price.

Calcutta Rotameter And Equipment is a duly registered partnership firm having export credential of its own manufactured products for over four years and fully compliant with the tax regulatory body in India.

We are proud and responsible for the business , we are in, which involves human lives.