With the complete in house facility, CRE is producing and catering the anaesthesia machine manufacturer with its rotameter tubes for their anaesthesia machines. These tubes are made from worlds finest borosilicate glass.

CRE is the most trusted name in medical flowmeter tubes over a decade due to its consistency in producing the most accurate flowmeters and prompt delivery of the same.

Length                        230 mm +/- 1 mm 
Diameter                  15mm +/- 0.25mm
Scale Length            190+/- 2 mm
Fluid Type                 Gas
Calibrated for          Oxygen                 Nitrous-Oxide           Air.

​Minimum Flow        0.1 ltr/min.          0.2 ltr/min.                  0.2 ltr/min.

Maximum Flow      10 ltr/min.            12 ltr/min.                   12 or 15 ltr/min.     

Rotameter Tubes

Calcutta Rotameter And Equipment

Ordering Code:

Oxygen                    6101-000
Nitrous-Oxide     6201-000
Air                              6301-000